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MacArthur Middle School

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Geological Morphology of Oklahoma


researched by Rita Wilson and Teresa Geottsche


How does the Wichita Mountains Geology of Southwest Oklahoma compare with the Ouchitas Mountains Geology of Southeat Oklahoma?



Ft Sill Tar Pit National Historic Site  

A natural oil seep flowing from the Permian age Garber sandstone on Adams Hill.  


Medicine Bluff Historic Site on Fort Sill

A 300 foot bluff of Carlton Rhyolite with vertical columnar jointing. 


Camp Doris granite uplift

Quanah Parker granite with gabbro outcrops.


MMS Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Where the eastern hardwood forests meet the western prairies.


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MacArthur Middle School Elmer Thomas Lesson


Ok geologic




Rock Types 

Igneous Rock - a rock produced from molten rock called magma or lava..

Sedimentary Rock - a rock formed from sediment by pressure or water or layers of sediment.

Metamorphic Rock - an igneous or sedimentary rock that has been chemically or structurally changed by heat or pressure. 


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